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Codiac Assembly No.25 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

Moncton, NB

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Codiac Assembly No.25 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

Our First Trip to Grand Sessions

Being the newest assembly for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls in Canada, I can assure you that it was quite an experience going to Grand. Just getting ourselves organized to get there and getting our rooms when we did get there was a challenge. We got there just in time to change and go downstairs for rehearsal. Grand was a blast! We all met more friends this trip to add to all the friends we made in Perth Andover. There were a lot of girls there and in a big hurry to get downstairs. There were so many songs that we did not know, but we all know them now from being in the choir. Singing in the choir, what a place to sit, we could see everything. We all enjoyed seeing all the good ritual work.

A big Thank You and a job well done to our local Phil Drader Coronation Demolay Chapter for doing the Honour Guard at the opening ceremonies on Thursday evening. We all enjoyed and appreciated you traveling up for the event.

What we all most liked about Grand Sessions this year was fun night. Luella, PGWA is a terrific host and a great organizer. She had everyone involved with skits and songs. We even had our Mother Advisor "Mom Millett" in our knot game with us and all the Westmorland Majority Girls. When we did the knot game, we were all patient and didn't give up when we were stuck. We even had other assemblies helping us to untie ourselves. Dad Millett video taped the entire evening's events, so that we could all enjoy watching it at a later date.

Congratulations to Michelle Fraser, GWA and all her new officers on all their new positions. We wish you the best of luck and prayers for safe traveling throughout your term.

The banquet was kind of cool too, even though some of the girls got a little confused about the place settings. They were questioning, "Which one do I use first, what water is mine, and more. Being a new assembly and not many formal functions, causes such confusion, luckily some of us older girls knew what to tell the younger ones when they asked. By the end of the weekend, we were all tired and looking forward to a good nights sleep because of all the late night gab sessions with all our new friends.

Sunday morning we had breakfast in the restaurant, which was the first time all weekend. It was great, we had fun and lots of snacks with us. Our Advisors were smart enough to plan a whole menu for the entire weekend and brought all the essentials with them. We all appreciated this; there were many moments when time for food was limited. We even brought microwave popcorn and a microwave to cook it in.

Other than that our Assembly had fun doing everything; even Oooga booga!!………OH hold on, I was told I can't leave out shopping!!! Like come on!!! They all might just sit on us if we did and besides, shopping pulls everything together for a perfect trip. Now I hope I have everything. We just had a great time, can't wait until next year in Ontario…….

Lots of Rainbow Hugs

Sabrina King, Grand Journalist, and Jennifer Millett, Assistant to Grand Journalist,
Codiac Assembly LT.

Codiac's New Term!

First I will tell you who got what. Let's see Worthy Advisor:Venessa Veneau
W.A.A: Kathryn Meredith
Charity: Jennifer Millett
Hope: Ashley Perry
Faith: Tristen Connell

Our W.A. ( Venessa Veneau) her term involves this:
her mascot is the seal.
her colors are every color of the rainbow.
her charity is Friends of the Moncton Hospital.
And her song is Hope; by: Shaggy.

It was a sad event but a very enjoyable day when we went to Maine to help the girls from Calais Assembly do a Memorial Service for Mom Higgins.

Each one of us has a special job when we are at Rainbow. We all are in charge of putting away/getting out jewels. W.A is in charge of helping Faith make the new girls feel welcome. W.A.A. and Charity is in charge of making sure all the jewels are there and not tangled up. W.A.A and Charity are also there to help the Mother Advsior and her Assistant in organizing catering events, and help show the new girls how to serve. Hope is in charge of making sure that all the regalia for all meetings, balloting and initiations are in their proper place.

Our Assembly is doing a lot of things in April. On April 14, 2002 we served at OES (Frank H. Tingley #5's) Installation. The 16th of April, some of girls went to Zetlend Chapter #26 to serve for their OES Installation. On April 19, 2002, we went and did a Joint Degree with Phil Drader Coronation Chapter of DeMolay and a Fun Degree at Keith Lodge. We also got ready for our take-out on the 20th. On the 20th we had the take-out dinner till 11:00am in order to have the dinners delivered at 12:00. At 2:00pm we went to Steven Lodge, Petticodiac for their 100th Anniversary Rededication Ceremony. At 4:00pm we went to the banquet which lasted til 6:00pm. Just enough time to make it to our DeMolay boy's Installation, which was being held at 7:00pm. Our Worthy Advisor and I will be going to Grand Lodge on the 10th of May. We are planning on doing more fundraisers to go to Grand Assembly. And planning for our in Installation and Constituting Ceremony on the 29th, June. On the 21th of May we are going to Zetland Chapter # 26 to do some nice mother's day talks. 24th of May, is our regular meeting night. 14th of June we are having a family get together at Keith Lodge. In June, we are going to Waterville Maine, to spend time with the girls from Calais and Yarmouth Assembly. Our assembly had a big sleep-over Friday, March 8, 2002, with all the girls at Mom King's new house. We had Sabrina King's Mom come down to one of our meetings on April 12. Venessa and I, are planning on going to Maine Grand on May 31st to June 2nd, 2002. I want to take the time to say, that we have planned a lot of things during Venessa's term and had a great time.

Rainbow hugs & kisses, Jennifer Millett, Grand Journalist,
Codiac Assembly


The months following our trip to Grand have been very busy for Codiac Assembly #25. We have been involved in many events, such as a dog jog, trips to other assemblies, fun events and fund-raisers.

The dog jog was great, it was held in September at Centennial Park in Moncton, New Brunswick. The purpose of the event was to raise money for the local S.P.C.A. When you entered you received a bag of treats for your dog and also a T-shirt for yourself. There were a lot of dogs there and they all got along really well and had lots of fun.

One of the other things that we did that we really enjoyed was to spend a day at Camp Goodtime. The camp is for kids who have survived or are living with cancer. We toured the camp and stayed for the closing ceremonies. The Masons support the kids to go to Camp Goodtime for a week during the summer. Jennifer Millett, our Worthy Advisor has also chosen Camp Goodtime for her charity for her term.

We also attended the Lewiston Charity Ball in Maine. It was a long drive but we had lots of fun on the way there and back. We felt really welcome and we stayed at the home of their Mother Advisor, Mrs. Becky Skiling and had a sleepover in her living room, had breakfast the next morning, then we headed out of Lewiston to make our way to Calais, Maine to go to their regular meeting.

Later in the month of November we went to the Installation of the newest Chapter of DeMolay in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Border Chapter. While the boys were practicing all the girls went for a walk and visited the Ganong Chocolate Store. Ganong chocolates are made in St. Stephen and they are very delicious. After the Installation we had an awesome spaghetti dinner.

Our regular meetings are going great and we are all doing very well with our ritual work. We had our first school of instruction in October and we all felt it really helped us out and we are all professionals now. Two of our Advisors made us a very spooky supper afterwards with lots of treats. We have another one planned in February to help us all with our new offices after our Installation.

Some of the events we have planned that are coming up in the near future are our Family joint Rainbow/DeMolay Christmas Party on December 7th. We will have an afternoon filled with games, crafts, good food and lots of fun. We will all be attending the Christmas Observance with the Masons on December 8th. Our fundraiser this month is grocery bagging in a local supermarket on December 12-14, 2002 with our local DeMolay Chapter. Our Christmas social is on the evening of December 21st, and we are all bringing our friends (prospective members). Rainbow and DeMolay invited.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season and we hope to see you sometime during the New Year.

Tristen Connell, Grand Journalist, Codiac Assembly #25

Grand Journalist Report - April 2003

Spring is here!!!

Since Christmas when we last let you know what we were up to we have been very busy girls. We have been doing lots of fun things starting off with our Installation in January, installing Ashley Perry as our Worthy Advisor.

We have had a couple of fund raisers such as a bake sale, a rock-a-thon among other things.

Our Valentine social was a lot of fun and everyone had a blast. We have our own DJ, Dad Bill Millett and he does an awesome job for us and plays lots of dance music and we even had some dance contests and games.

We have put on a lot of miles since Christmas also, we attended Maine Grand Family on March 15 and we had the most girls with us from one assembly. Our very own Jennifer Millett did the dedication to the Canadian Flag.

March 22, we all piled into a big bus driven by Mom Millett and took our very own DJ with us and went to St. Stephen, New Brunswick to have a spring social with the DeMolay boys of Border Chapter and Phil Drader Chapter. We even went to a farm and went on a sleigh ride with beautiful Clydesdale horses pulling the sleigh. Then we went back to the St. Stephen lodge and had delicious spaghetti dinner and then our DJ did his magic again and we had a dance. We went home the next day very tired but had a lot of fun.

We took part in a joint degree in Lubec, Maine on April 5 for International Day with Calais Assembly and both DeMolay Chapters, Phil Drader Coronation and Border Chapter. We received several congratulations on a job well done by all who were there and we were mentioned in a press release down there. It was very interesting to do our ritual work in a different setting as the meeting was so large it was held in a high school gymnasium. The drive back to Moncton was long as our Mom Advisor, Mom Veneau was very sick with the flu and we were in the middle of a snow storm, but we all arrived safe and sound and Mom Veneau is fine now.

April 6 was our annual church service and everyone attended and it was really nice for all of us to be together at church. Dad Cooper was in the choir and did a great job.

At our meeting on April 11th we planned a movie night and Dad Bill surprised us with a slide show of all our trips and adventures. Then we watched a movie and had some treats, it was really fun and we can't wait to do it again.

On April 12, we showed our support of our Demolay friends and attented the Phil Drader Coronation Chapter of Demolay Installation. The boys did a great job at their ritual work and we were very proud of them.

As you can see we haven't had much time to stop, we keep ourselves very busy. The adults say it is a way to keep us out of trouble but we don't tell them we are just having fun. We have lots of fun things coming up. Our next installation is on June 21 and then we can seriously get down to making plans for Grand and do lots of fundraising. We are all starting to talk about Grand a lot and are getting very excited.

Respectfully submitted, Tristen Connell, Grand Journalist, Codiac Assembly # 25

Grand Journalist Report July 2003

Summer Fun!!!

We last talked in April and Codiac Assembly has not stopped since. We are a very busy group and we are having a blast.

In May we held a Parent s Breakfast, and Dad Cooper made the best blueberry pancakes I ever tasted. It was really nice for all of us to get together for breakfast.

The next week we were honored to have Sara Tarle, the Grand Worthy Advisor visit our assembly. The visit started by us meeting up with her at Grand Lodge in Saint John, where she gave a great speech. Then we all headed back to Moncton for our regular meeting. We held a very quick meeting because we were all very anxious to go have fun with Sara. We went glow ball bowling and Sara and her Dad made a bet on who would buy breakfast the next morning. We all had a great time and loved having her here with us.

The last weekend in May we were on the road again, to Maine Grand Assembly. It was incredible the work they had put into their Sessions. We all had a great time, good food and a great place to stay. Met lots of new friends and wish we could see them more often.

June was busier than ever as we really started getting busy with fund raising. We had a bar-b-que at the mall and fed lots of hungry people hot dogs and hamburgers. We followed this up the next weekend with a take out dinner that was lots of fun getting together and making them up and then going out and delivering them. A couple of the girls and our Mother Advisor went to Maine on that day to Calais Assembly #18 installation of officers.

The next week was so hectic I really don t even remember much of it. I was really excited as it was my installation as Worthy Advisor of Codiac Assembly # 25. I am so proud to be Worthy Advisor of such a great bunch of girls; it is a pretty awesome feeling.

Now we are all counting the days to our very own Grand in Ottawa and not thinking about much else. We have one more fund raiser to do, which is the Grand National Car Show the 12 and 13 of July. Then hopefully, our mothers will let us start packing and we can cross off the days on the calendar. It is so exciting to think about all our friends that we are going to see again that we haven t seen in so long.

So until then and Take care!!

Respectfully submitted, Tristen Connell, Grand Journalist

Codiac Assembly # 25

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