Rainbow for Young Ladies

Codiac Assembly No.25 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
Moncton, NB

Mom Page Valiquette
Mother Advisor

Spring Term 2005 Elected and Appointed Officers Of:
Codiac Assembly

Codiac Assembly

Worthy Advisor -Kristen Barnes

Worthy Associate Advisor - Sabrina Veneau

Charity - Lynn Hopper

Hope - Melissa Cooper

Faith - Vanessa Doiron Chaplain - Tristen Connell
Recorder - Jennifer Millett Treasurer - Daphne Cooper
Drill leader - Elicia Mitchell Love - Jessica Mitchell
Religion - Ashley Perry Nature - Alaina Fraser
Immortality - Daphne Cooper Fidelity - Jennifer Millett
Patriotism - Tristen Connell Service - Lacie Petrie
Confidential Observer - Alaina Fraser Outer Observer - Vanessa Veneau
Codiac Past Worthy Advisors:

Nancy Wilson
Vanessa Veneau
Jennifer Millett
Ashley Perry
Tristen Connell
Katie Morton
Daphne Cooper

Codiac Advisory Board

Page Valiquette - Mother Advisor
Bill Millett - Chairperson
George Cooper
Mike Perry
Bob King
Sandra Veneau
Shelley Millett
Ted White
Sandy Dunnett
Tim Greening
Sue Arsenault

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