Rainbow for Young Ladies

Codiac Assembly No.25 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
Moncton, NB

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Codiac Assembly No.25 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

Kristen's Term Stuff

- Colours: Bright Orange, Yellow & Blue
- Mascot: The Turtle
- Symbol: Music Notes
- Flower: A pretty orange one
- Songs: I Believe-Diana DeGarmo & I'll Be- Edwin McCain
- Chairty: IWK Children's Foundation
- Motto: Don not regret the things you've done, but those you've not attempted.

Monthly Plans Spring 2005

- 11th Business Meeting - buddy night, bowling afterwards
- 24th Dress Meeting - Playing Games afterwards.
- 11th Business Meeting - fun night
- 24th Dress Meeting - Easter Egg Hunt
April -
- 2/3rd Grand Officers Reception in Ontario
- 8th Mum Luanne's Offical visit - Initiation & Balloting
- 16th Frank H. Tingle's Installation for Mom & Dad Millett 7:30pm- serving afterwards
- 22nd or 29th weekend outing....possibly a group movie day or night at the theater
- 28th Dress Meeting......Baking afterwards, coincides with a friday off from school
- 29th Bake Sale(?)
- 30th Demolay Installation
May -
- 13th Business Meeting
- 21/22nd Grandy Camp
- 26th GWA's Visit(dress up as sesame street character) Murder mystery night.
- 27-29 Maine Grand Assembly
June -
- BBQ at the Co-op in June
- 10th Business Meeting - BBQ & swim night.(set it up in the pool)- Election of officers night as well
- 23rd Dress Meeting
- 25th Maine Conclave
July -
-2nd Installation of Officers

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