Order of the Eastern Star  The Order of the Eastern Star


The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women may belong. Although governed internationally by General Grand Chapter, there is a Grand Chapter overseeing affairs of the Order within New Brunswick.

Master Masons who are in good standing and women who are the wives, daughters, legally adopted daughters, sisters, half-sisters, granddaughters, stepmothers, step-daughters, stepsisters, daughters-in-law, grandmothers, great granddaughters, nieces great nieces, mothers-in-law, or sisters-in-law, of an affiliated Master Mason in good standing or who was in good standing at the time of his death, as well as members --- either active for three years or majority --- of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls or of the International Order of Job's Daughters, each of whom having reached the age of 18 years, are eligible, and may petition for membership in the Order. .

It is an Order teaching the highest principles of friendship and fidelity as well as moral social virtues. The personal welfare of our members is vital to all Stars. The Order is dedicated to Charity, Truth and Loving Kindness. Here in New Brunswick, thousands of dollars are raised annually by our more than 2100 members for numerous projects which benefit mankind. Scholarships for young scholars & for clergy, Heart, Arthritis and Cancer Research... to name a few. Social functions include Teas, Luncheons, Pot Luck Suppers, Picnics, Fashion Shows and Dinner Dances where good times are had and lasting friendships are made. Eastern Star means you do not have to be alone. There is always a friend to talk to, to travel with or to just be there. ‘Stars try to live by the Golden Rule'.


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